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OPzV Series

OPzV Series

LEOCH OPzV series batteries are used the immobilized GEL and Tubular Plate technology to offer high reliability and performance.Even more suitable for cyclic use under extreme operating conditions.

Features Application Curves Specification

1. Completely sealing throughout the batteries life.

2. Service life up to 18-20 years in continuous float operation down to approx 80% capacity.

3. Gel electrolyte.

4. Low gassing thanks to antimony-free alloy and internal oxygen recombination.

5. Minimum space required and room requirements are minimal e.g. no washing facilities needed, ventilation requirements are minimal.

6. Easy to move and handle.

7. Easy install using cable connectors with insulated terminal covers.

8. Ready for immediate use without further commissioning work.

9. Can be supplied as a standard vertical installation or by special request, for a horizontal installation.

10. Very low self-discharge <50% of rated capacity in 2 years at 20 ℃ ambient temperature.

11. High cyclic ability over 600 cycles when discharged at 10 hour rate to an end voltage of 1.8Volt/cell at 20℃ .

12. Deep discharge protected, a load can be connected to the battery for up to 4 weeks.

13. No internal short circuits possible due to the gel structure.

14. No acid stratification, so noequalizing charge necessary.


  • 1. Telecommunications
  • 2. Radio and cellular telephone relay stations
  • 3. Emergency lighting systems
  • 4. Power stations, Conventional power stations, alternative power (solar, wind)
  • 5. Large UPS and computer back-up
  • 6. Railway signalling
  • 7. Maritime standby power on ships and ashore
  • 8. Process and control engineering
  • 9. Standby power
  • 10. Buoy lighting
Model Rated
10HrLengthWidthHeightTHWeight Terminal



4OPzV200 22241034.062068.1135513.9839015.3518.841.5T7-A
5OPzV250 22801244.882068.1135513.9839015.3523.150.9T7-A
6OPzV300 23361455.712068.1135513.9839015.3527.159.8T7-A
5OPzV350 23921244.882068.1147118.5450619.9229.063.9T7-A
6OPzV420 24701455.712068.1147118.5450619.9234.576.1T7-A
7OPzV490 25491666.542068.1147118.5450619.9239.086.0T7-A
6OPzV600 26721455.712068.1164625.4368126.8146.0101.4T7-A
8OPzV800 28961917.522108.2764625.4368126.8165.1143.5T7-A
10OPzV1000 211202339.172108.2764625.4368126.8178.5173.1T7-A
12OPzV1200 2134427510.832108.2764625.4368126.8193.0205.1T7-A
12OPzV1500 2168027510.832108.2779631.3483132.72115.0253.6T7-A
16OPzV2000 2224039915.712148.2777230.3980731.77155.0341.8T7-A
20OPzV2500 2280048719.172128.3577230.3980731.77196.0432.2T7-A
24OPzV3000 2336057622.682128.3577230.3980731.77232.0511.6T7-A
12V 3 OPzV100FT 1210055121.71104.3328711.328711.339.787.5T6
12V 3 OPzV120FT 1212055121.71104.3328711.328711.342.393.3T6
12V 4 OPzV150FT 12150549.521.6124.54.9031512.431512.451.7114.0T6-A
12V2OPzV40 124026010.21686.612088.2230.
12V2OPzV45 124526010.21686.612088.2214.08.419.543.0T14
12V3OPzV60 126026010.21686.612088.22299.023.752.3T14
12V4OPzV80 128033013.01736.812128.32188.630.867.9T11
12V5OPzV100 1210040816.11776.972258.92258.938.384.5T11
12V6OPzV120 1212048319.01706.69238.59.4238.59.445.7100.8T11
12V7OPzV140 1214053220.92078.152148.42208.754119.1T11
12V8OPzV160 1216053220.92078.152148.42208.759.3130.8T11
12V9OPzV180 1218052220.62409.452188.62248.867.4148.6T11
12V10OPzV200 1220052220.626810.552208.72268.975.9167.4T11