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DTG Series

DTG Series

DTG Series batteries are valve regulated , flat plate rechargeable lead-acid batteries which in contrast to conventional systems, retain the electrolyte is gel. It is this robust gel technology which gives the battery its absolute freedom from maintenance. Insensitive to occasional deep discharge. Better performance in high temperature environment

Features Application Curves Specification

1.Special plate design, long cycle lifetime.

2.Using special lead-calcium alloy to boost up the grid anti-corrosive 3.performance and extend the battery using lifetime.

4.Using special separator to boost up the battery performance inside.

5.Reduce water losing rate and lower the possibility of thermal runaway. 6.Better performance under critical ambient temperature condition.

7.High gas recombined reaction efficiency.

8.Little water losing, no electrolyte stratification phenomenon.

9.Long storage time.

10.Good deep discharge resilience performance.

11.Using gas silicon dioxide, small granule degree, bigger than surface area.

  • 1.Golf cart
  • 2.Electric resort car.
  • 3.Marine.
  • 4.Electric utility vehicle.
  • 5.Electric scooter.
  • 6.Boat.
  • 7.Solar.

  • 8.Medical application.
  • 9.Electric forklift.
  • 10.RV.
  • 11.Scraper.
  • 12.Wheelchairs.

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