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Leoch showcases li-ion network communication and data center solutions at MEE Dubai 2023


  MEE Dubai, the middle east's leading energy industry event, opened on March 7th. Leoch presented with the latest li-ion network communication and data center solutions at booth SA.A50.


    Smart energy application has become an important support for the development of communication and has drawn much attention from the state and energy industry. As a reliable and innovative power supply provider, Leoch brings smart li-ion communication solutionslead-carbon, and pure lead battery solutions to the exhibition, which can effectively contribute to optimizing energy supply structure, improving energy efficiency, and promoting the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy ecosystem.


LFeLi 48V series li-ion battery adopts a modular design, which greatly saves installation space; Friendly interactive interface is easy to operate; Apart from that, it can also realize remote monitoring and diagnosis of the battery and provide reliable and stable power for the communication base station, emergency power, wireless communication, data transmission, etc. The device can be connected in parallel to match higher power supplies or extend the backup time. 


LRC lead-carbon series battery with super-carbon and deep-cycle technologies, can effectively improve the energy release efficiency and prolong the battery life span, 60%PSOC cycle times up to more than 4000 times. It can be widely used in peak shaving storage systems, mobile-container storage systems, grid-power frequency adjustment systems, smart grids, microgrid systems, and other fields.

Leoch plays a more and more important role in the whole communication network and electric ecosystem with several decades of battery solutions experiences, innovative technologies, compatible products, and worldwide local operation networks. In the future, Leoch will continue to focus on modern communication networks, lower energy costs, and put its own actions into clean and green power.