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LPL Series

LPL Series

Special grid alloy and high purity raw material ensure less gassing, less self-discharging, Unique vent valve design: control water losing, prevent air and spark going inside...

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Specification Features Application Curves

Small Size

ModelRated Voltage10HrLengthWidthHeightTHWeightTerminal Type 
LPL2-200M 22009018135036512.4T11(M8)
LPL2-300M 230012418135036518T11(M8)
LPL2-400M 240015818135036522.7T11(M8)
LPL2-500M 250019118135036528.4T11(M8)
LPL2-600M 260022518135036533.1T11(M8)
LPL2-800M 280030318135036544.5T11(M8)
LPL2-1000M 2100037018135036555.8T11(M8)


ModelRated Voltage20Hr10HrLengthWidthHeightTHWeightTerminal Type 
LPL6-6.5 66.515034941001.26T1/T2
LPL6-9.0 6915150.5941001.7T1/T2
LPL6-11 61115150.5941001.95T1/T2
LPL6-18 618157831251253.21T3-A
LPL12-7.0 1271516593.599.52.43T1/T2
LPL12-12 121215198951013.87T1/T2
LPL12-18 1218181.576.5167.5167.55.7T3
LPL12-24 12241661751251257.6T12/T12-I(M5)
LPL12-28H 12281641251761769.1T3-A
LPL12-28 12281661751251258.2 T12/T12-I(M5)
LPL6-180 618030616822222830.3T8(M6)
LPL12-38 123819716517017012.7T6(M6)
LPL12-40 124019716517017014.5T6(M6)
LPL12-45 124519716517017014.2T6(M6)
LPL12-55 125522913821023017.7T9
LPL12-60 126026016821021620.7T6(M6)
LPL12-65 126534816717817821T6(M6)
LPL12-70 127034816717817823.1T6(M6)
LPL12-75 127526016820821422.7T6(M6)
LPL12-90H 129033017321222029.5T11(M8)
LPL12-100 1210033017321222030.5T11(M8)
LPL12-120 1212040817722522536.3T11(M8)
LPL12-150 12150483170238.5238.546.5T11(M8)
LPL12-200 1220052224021822462.3T11(M8)
LPL12-225 1222552226822022670.5T11(M8)
LPL12-250 1225052226822022676.5T11(M8)
LPL2-100 2100170722052145.70T6(M6)
LPL2-200 220017011032834813.5T11(M8)
LPL2-300 230017015032834818.6T11(M8)
LPL2-400 240021017533035025.5T11(M8)
LPL2-500 250024017533035030T11(M8)
LPL2-600 260030017533035037T11(M8)
LPL2-800 280041017533035050.4T11(M8)
LPL2-1000 2100047517532835060T11(M8)
LPL2-1500 2150040335433934997.8T11(M8)
LPL2-2000 22000490350339349121T11(M8)
LPL2-3000 23000709350337347183T11(M8)

Parameter information subject to the contract, here for your reference only.

1. Special grid alloy and high purity raw material ensure less gassing, less self-discharging

2. Grid refining technology and the thicker plates are used to extend the battery standby life and reduce the plate grid corrosion speed

3. Lower acid density, excess of electrolyte and larger distance between plates to keep battery at low    temperature and slow down plate grid corrosion speed

4. Using oxygen recombination technology: maintenance-free

5. ABS material: increase the strength of battery container. (Flame-retardant ABS is optional)

6. Unique vent valve design: control water losing, prevent air and spark going inside


  • 1. UPS and EPS
  • 2. Emergency lightp
  • 3. Railway signal and aircraft signal system
  • 4. Marine and power stations
  • 5. Alarm and security system;
  • 6. Electronic apparatus and equipment
  • 7. Communication power supply, DC power supply