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LMB Series

LMB Series

1. LEOCH Modular Battery(LMB) Series battery system offers an ideal solution for large capacity Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery requirements. The system provides a cost effective battery system with a compact, quick and simple installation process. 2. LEOCH battery use the newest technology, with patent terminal sealing, Lid sealing, safety valve and thicker positive plates for longer life. 3. LEOCH racking system provides necessary robustness and build to sustain seismic zone 4. At the same time, it can provide total flexibility for system configuration and allows fast, simple installation. 4. The batteries are encased in dedicated protective steel jackets for the purpose of maintaining constant, uniform compression for the life of the battery.

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Specification Features Application Curves

External ModelRated Voltage (V)10hr@1.80V/cellL(mm) W(mm)H(mm) TH(mm) Gross Weight (kg)Terminal

Parameter information subject to the contract, here for your reference only.

1. 20years design life(25℃)

2.  AGM and valve regulated design and recombination technology minimizes gassing.

3.  Module design allows for easy, fast installation, uniform and consistent compression, along with built in cell protection No water additions required

4. High energy density design allows for more effcient battery layout and footprint

1. Tele-communication central station(wired or cellular)

2. Power system communication, military communication, etc.

3. Network communication including: data transmission, television signaltransmission, etc.

4. Uninterruptable Power System(UPS-for Telecom)