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48V LFeLi Battery

48V LFeLi Battery

Lithium iron Phosphate battery (LiFePO4) has a nominal voltage of 48VDC. It is comprised by 16 cells of 3.2V each. The internal structure of LiFePO4 battery cell is shown in the figure on the right. Shown is the olivine structure of LiFePO4 as the positive electrode of cell. Aluminum foil functions as current collector of positive pole. A polymer membrane separates positive and negative electrodes of the cell. The electron (e-) can't pass through the polymer separator but Li+ can pass through it freely. The negative electrode which consists of graphite is shown in the figure on the right. Copper foil is the current collector of negative electrode. There is organic electrolyte in the cell which is sealed by Al-plastic composite film.

Features Application Curves Specification

1.Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)  is used as positive material, which offers extended cycle life and good safety performance.

2.Embedded BMS offers voltage, current, temperature protection and alarm functions. BMS can communnicate with other device by modbus protocol.

3.Embedded BMS unit measures current, voltage, single cell surface temperature and the ambient temperature of the battery.

4.Embedded BMS offers four remote functions which can communicate with far-end central control center by computer management.

5.The combination of BMS and computer management technology can achieve real-time monitoring and control of various parameters and status.

6.The power system has secondary cut-off protection and when the voltage is too low the system will cut off the support from the battery to protect the battery service life.

7.Under normal operating conditions, the entire system emits very little noise due to their passive cooling design.

8.Good electromagnetics shielding.

  • 1. Wireless Hut back-up power
  • 2. Wireless Repeater back-up
  • 3. Fiber-Optic access network back-up power
  • 4. Outdoor Billboard lighting
  • 5. 48V Switchgear & Control Back-up Power
  • 6. Long duration Industrial UPS Systems
  • 7. FTTB & LAN/WIFI Connection Power
  • 8. Street & Highway Monitoring & Surveillance
Model Nominal Rated  Approx Dimension(mm) Approx Remarks
Voltage Capacity Length*Width*Height Weight
V Ah (don't include the handle) (KG)
LFeLi-4810 48V 10 442*330*44 9.5 Can not in parallel
LFeLi-4820 48V 20 442*330*88 14 Can not in parallel
LFeLi-4830 48V 30 436*400*132.5 20 Can in parallel
LFeLi-4840 48V 40 436*400*132.5 25 Can in parallel
LFeLi-4850 48V 50 436*350*132.5 26 Can in parallel
LFeLi-4850B 48V 50 436*400*132.5 28 Can in parallel
LFeLi-4850C 48V 50 443*441.5*132 32 Can in parallel
LFeLi-4850D 48V 50 436*350*132.5 26 Can in parallel
LFeLi-4860 48V 60 436*400*132.5 33 Can in parallel
LFeLi-4875C 48V 75 440*401.5*177.5 42 Can in parallel
LFeLi-4880 48V 80 436*420*220 39 Can in parallel
LFeLi-48100 48V 100 436*420*220 49 Can in parallel
LFeLi-48100C 48V 100 442*395*222 62 Can in parallel
LFeLi-48100D 48V 100 436*350*221.5 48 Can in parallel