Leoch motive power battery

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LEOCH Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Features Application Curves Specification
    Deep Cycle Design for High Capacity and Maximum Life
  •   -Paste customized for deep cycle performance; paste formula, process and ratio of positive to negative active materials.
  •   -Unique production process used to maximize cycle life.
  •   -Paste formula designed to minimize water consumption providing longer service life.
    Superior Performance in Wide Variety of Applications
  •   -Special mixture of carbon and other proprietary additives in negative active material to perform in partial state of charge (PSoC) applications and to increase charge acceptance for optimized charging and fast charging capability.
    One-of-a-Kind AGM Separator
  •   -Leoch manufactures its own AGM separator, unlike any in the market, to lower internal resistance, keep plates wet, maintain cell compression and prevent acid stratification (one of the leading causes of failure in AGM batteries).
  •   -Double wrapping to prevent the short circuit and acid stratification

  • 1. Remote locations
  • 2. Limited accessibility
  • 3. When time & convenience is valued
  • 4. Where flooded batteries are failing prematurely due to improper care
  • 5. Batteries will operate after pre-sale equipment storage or off-season storage
  • 6. Can withstand rough terrain
  • 7. Cold environments – less likely to freeze
  • 8. No gases released with proper operation
  • 9. Can be used near people and sensitive equipment
  • 10. Regulation compliance:schools, hospitals, airports, etc
  • 11. Space-restricted installations
Ampere Hour Capacity(AH)Reserve
LDC6-210-GC2 623121020046026018025227427DT-5/16
LDC6-224-GC2 624622421049026018024725330.5T11(M8)
LDC6-265-GC2 628526825562026218026326832.9T11(M8)
LDC6-275 630027526062529518027429636.5DT-5/16
LDC6-350 638535033282029518034636848DT-3/8
LDC6-400-L16 643540037592529518040642854.2DT-5/16
LDC8-165-GC8 818016515532526018025227429.2DT-5/16
LDC8-180-GC8 820018217036526018025227432DT-5/16
LDC8-210-GC8H 822521019048026018229529840.5T11(M8)
LDC12-90-G24-T 1293908517526016820821423.5T6-A(M8)
LDC12-90-G24-DT 12939085175260168208232.523.8DT-5/16
LDC12-105-G27-T 1211510810422030616820821427.6T6-A(M8)
LDC12-105-G27-DT 1211510810422030616820823327.9DT-5/16
LDC12-115-G31-T 1213011811323933017321222031.3T11(M8)
LDC12-115-G31-DT 1213011811323933017321223731.7DT-5/16
LDC12-150-GC12 1216615014332332718027427441.9T11(M8)
LDC12-220 1224522021047038718034636859.4DT-3/8
LDC12-245 1227024523353538718034636864.5DT-3/8
LDC6-245 6270245232530243187.527527532.3T11(M8)
LDC12-145 1216014814130834017228028642.6T11(M8)
LDC12-140 1215214413832140817722522539.2T11(M8)
LDC12-180 12194183174395483170238.5238.550.1T11(M8)