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DT Series

DT Series

LEOCH DT Series batteries are a clean, reliable power source for golf, electric vehicle, floor machine, AWP, RV, marine, mobility, renewable energy and commercial truck applications.

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Reserve Capacity(Min)Maximum Overall Dimensions
5HR20HR @25Amps @75Ampsmminmminmminmminkglb
DT606617521038010526010.241807.092489.76279.511.0026.558.4 DT-M8(A)
DT106618522544511526010.241807.092489.76279.511.0028.663.1 DT-M8(A)
DT126619524048513026010.241807.092489.76279.511.0029.765.5 DT-M8(A)
DT146621526053014526010.241807.092489.76279.511.0030.467.0 DT-M8(A)
DT866812515022590@56Amps26010.241807.092489.76279.511.0026.558.4 DT-M8(A)
DT8768145170295117@56Amps26010.241807.092489.76279.511.0029.264.4 DT-M8(A)
DT8968155190340132@56Amps26010.241807.092489.76279.511.0031.569.4 DT-M8(A)
DT127512120150280102@56Amps32812.911807.092489.76279.511.0036.780.9 DT-M8(A)

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1.Higher capacity and higher energy density.

2.Longer service life.

3.Excellent deep cycle property.

4.Private alloy and paste recipe for deep cycle application.

5.Refilling plugs with special construction guarantee less water consumption.

6.Advanced TTP welding and heat sealing technology.

7.Terminals with high conductivity are very good at high current discharging.

8.Containers and lids are impact resistant and made of polypropylene(PP).

9.Wider operation temperature, safe and reliable.

1.Battery can be used as power for Golf Cart, Electrical car, Electric Sightseeing Car, toy Car, Mini-truck, The Transportation without Driver;

2.Battery can be used as power source for industrial Mineral firms, Warehouse, dock, Station, Airport and etc.