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EFB Start-Stop Battery

EFB Start-Stop Battery

EFB Start-Stop Battery

Features Application Curves Specification

1.High cranking amperage

2.Extreme charge and discharge performance

3.Low self-discharge

4.Unique design to give very good vibration resistance

5.Excellent DCA balanced with reasonable water consumption

6.Optimized active material design for longer PSoC and deep cycle life

7.Super strong grid plate and patent alloy for better life under high temperature

8.Optimized back flow maze structure for better water consumption performance

  • 1. Starting, light and ignition for car, Tractor, Mine vehicle and Mobile machinery shop.
  • 2. Starting and ignition for the diesel motor or gasoline motor
  • 3. It can be used as power for car, Tractor, Mine vehicle and Mobile machinery shop.

EFB-L2A125080570207(8 1/8)175(7)190(7 2/4)190(7 4/8)115.5 (34.1)
EFB-L3471260100660242(9 4/8)175(7)190(7 2/4)190(7 4/8)118.5 (41.5)
EFB-L481270120760278(11)175(7)190(7 2/4)190(7 4/8)121.1 (46.5)
EFB-LB494R1280140800315(12 6/16)175(7)190(7 2/4)190(7 4/8)124.0 (52.9)
EFB-B24491295160850353(13 14/16)175(7)190(7 2/4)190(7 4/8)127.0 (59.5)
EFB-D2395R12105190950393(15 8/16)175(7)190(7(2/4)190(7 4/8)129.7 (65.4)
EFB-D2695R12105190950393(15 8/16)175(7)190(7(2/4)190(7 4/8)129.7 (65.4)