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Marine Battery- LPM Series

Marine Battery- LPM Series

Large starting current, can be ignition starting instantly, with good low temperature adaptability, can be used in a broad rangebetween -20 to 55 degrees.

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1. Long life time: by optimal design of plate and other raw materials, Leoch Marine battery has a long life characteristics, design float charging life is 16 years for the 2V series, design float charging life is 12 years for the 12V series.

2.Reliable sealing structure: Leoch 12V and 2V series Marine sealed lead acid battery has a unique sealing structure, and using the United States

D & P company unique 2V series battery terminals with three sealing technology, 12V series battery terminals with two layers of sealing technology, to ensure that the Marine battery does not overflow acid, spill acid and acid creep to the terminal, non-polluting and non-corrosive during using.

3. High energy density design: Leoch 12V and 2V series Marine sealed lead acid battery use a special process design and assembly technology,

its volumetric specific energy and gravimetric specific energy greatly improved. volumetric specific energy = rated voltage * rated capacity / volume with max dimension; gravimetric specific energy = rated voltage * rated capacity / gravity

4. High capacity: with using unique formula, make the battery to have higher capacity and 10% of the surplus capacity in order to ensure the battery can reach and exceed 100% rated capacity in 3 cycles. 2V series battery is long life battery, its surplus capacity is more than 12V series battery.

5. Low self-discharge: with using high purity raw material additives, and strict quality control, reduced the self-discharge greatly during storage and non-use the battery monthly self-discharge rate is less than 2%

6.Safe explosion-proof venting system: Leoch Maine battery use unique structure, to ensure battery safe during operation.

7. High conductivity copper terminal: Leoch12V and 2V serials Marine battery can be used with high current, starting current can be greatly boosting instantly

8.Superior battery resilience: due to unique design and unique additive added into the plate active substances and electrolyte, when deep discharged to 0V, charging with the initial current of less than 0.3C and limited 2.4V/cell for 2 weeks can recover more than 90% of its capacity.

9. Professional and large-scale production capacity: more than 10 years experience, monthly production value exceeds more than 100,000 KVAH.

10.Wide temperature range: with unique technology, excellent discharge performance at low temperatures, strong corrosion resistance at high

temperatures. The temperature range is from -20 to 55°C of 12V series ship battery; for 2V series single cell, its heat dissipation is good, and temperature range is from -20 to 60°C.

11. Security: using AGM separator, free maintenance design, to ensure that can be placed in any direction ( recommended not to upside down use).

12. Maintenance simple: excellent oxygen cycle recombination capacity, no need to make-up water during the lifetime;only need to keep battery connector firm, surface clean and ventilation cooling, maintainance is very simple.