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AGM Start-Stop Battery

AGM Start-Stop Battery

AGM Start-Stop Battery

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With Start-Stop vehicles, the engine is switched off during short stops for instance at traffic lights in order to save fuel and to reduce CO2 emissions by 5-10%.

Technology Focus:

In response to CO2 reduction targets set by EU that require engine to be shut off instead of idling while the vehicle is stopped, nearly all vehicle manufacturers launch start-stop platforms in Europe automotive battery.


Battery is required to start engine more frequently and provide energy for device support while "stop" mode Battery is integrated within a sophisticated energy and battery management system

Battery Technology:

Advanced AGM technology for: super high power and cold cranking ampere; very good charging acceptance performance; much longer cycle life compared to normal flooded car batteries.

  • 1. Automotive.
  • 2. Stereo Systems.
  • 3. Boats & RVs.
  • 4. Hydraulic Lifts.
  • 5.Winches.
  • 6.On-board Electronics.
ModelVoltageCapacityCCADimensions(mm) Terminal
AGM-L1 12505702071751901901
AGM-L2 12606602421751901901
AGM-L3 12707602781751901901
AGM-L4 12808003151751901901
AGM-L5 12958503531751901901
AGM-L6 121059503931751901901