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Established in 1999, LEOCH BATTERY (stock code: 00842.HK) is a globally recognized leader in power solutions. Our headquarters are located in the dynamic business hub of Singapore, where we actively contribute to the development of various international industrial standards.

With an extensive global presence, LEOCH BATTERY operates 16 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spanning a total area of 1.5 million square meters. Our global footprint includes over 70 local service companies, and we are proud to be a home to a dedicated workforce of 13,000 employees, including more than 1,500 highly skilled R&D and technical experts.

LEOCH BATTERY is your trusted partner for industrial and commercial energy storage solutions. Our expertise covers every aspect of the industry, from cutting-edge research and development to top-notch manufacturing, robust sales, and comprehensive services. We proudly serve clients in over 130 countries and regions worldwide.

At LEOCH BATTERY, we specialize in delivering tailored power solutions for a wide spectrum of industrial and commercial applications across the globe. Our product and service portfolio is strategically designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, including:

--Energy Storage Systems 

--Telecom & Data Center Power Solutions 

--Starting Power Solutions 

--Motive Power Solutions 

--Battery Recycling

With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, LEOCH BATTERY is dedicated to empowering businesses around the world with reliable, cutting-edge power solutions.

Company Bases

Enterprise base

  • Jiangsu Factory


    Jiangsu LEOCH was established in 2003 and annual production capacity 125,000 tons.

    Jiangsu Factory

  • Zhaoqing Factory


    Zhaoqing LEOCH was established in 2005 and annual production capacity 106,800 tons.

    Zhaoqing Factory

  • Anhui Factory I


    Anhui LEOCH I was established in 2008 and annual production capacity 114,000 tons.

    Anhui Factory I

  • Anhui Factory II


    Anhui LEOCH II was established in 2010 and annual production capacity 306,756 tons.

    Anhui Factory II

  • Malaysia Factory I


    Malaysia LEOCH I was established in 2011 and annual production capacity 8,000 tons.

    Malaysia Factory I

  • Sri Lanka Factory


    Sri Lanka LEOCH was established in 2012 and annual production capacity 5,400 tons.

    Sri Lanka Factory

  • Malaysia Factory II


    Malaysia LEOCH II was established in 2014 and annual production capacity 8,000 tons.

    Malaysia Factory II

  • India Factory


    India LEOCH was established in 2015 and annual production capacity 8,400 tons.

    India Factory

  • Recycled Lead Factory


    Dahua LEOCH was established in 2017.

    Recycled Lead Factory

  • Vietnam Factory I


    Vietnam LEOCH I was established in 2019 and annual production capacity 36,000 tons (Network Power).

    Vietnam Factory I

  • Vietnam Factory II


    Vietnam LEOCH II was established in 2019 and annual production capacity 48,000 tons (Car Battery).

    Vietnam Factory II

  • Anhui Lithium Factory


    Anhui Lithium LEOCH was established in 2019 and annual production capacity 4GWH.

    Anhui Lithium Factory

  • Jiangsu Lithium Factory


    Jiangsu Lithium LEOCH was established in 2022 and annual production capacity 6GWH.

    Jiangsu Lithium Factory

  • Mexico Factory


    Mexico Factory


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