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HPG Series

HPG Series

LEOCH motorcycle gel battery(MF) provides 12V batteries, with capacity ranges from 3Ah to 30Ah.

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Specification Features Application Curves
ModelNominal Voltage (V)Rated Capacity C10   (AH)CCA  (-18 ℃ )Approx. DimensionsAppox. WeightTerminal Type
HPG5A-3-112575119591304 5/82  5/165  2/161.914.21B
HPG7A-41269015087935 7/83  7/163 11/162.565.64A
HPG6.5-3126.585139661025 1/22 1/24   2.305.07B
HPG9-4128120150871055 7/83  7/164  2/163.076.76B
HPG9A-4129100135751395 3/82 15/165  8/163.076.76B
HPG12-41210180150871305 7/83  7/165  2/163.928.63A
HPG14-41212200150871455 7/83  7/165 11/164.449.78B

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1.100% maintenance free, sealed battery, leak proof design

2. Using AGM separator, absorbing acid effectively, and has excellent starting performance and vibration resistance

3. Using lead-calcium alloy, with less water loss

4. Using COS welding and TTP welding  technology to reduce internal resistance and improve discharge performance

5. Special gel electrolyte technology contributes to better cycle life performance

6. With acid filled, easy to use

    1. Motorcycle

    2. ATV

    3. Snowmobile

    4.Lawn & Garden