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Auxiliary battery

Auxiliary battery

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Specification Features Application Curves
EB12D-4121112180150871305 7/83  7/165 1/84.25O
EB14D-4121314200150871455 7/83  7/165 11/164.76O
EB14E-4121314245150871455 7/83  7/165 11/165.3O
JB14-4121314200150871455 7/83  7/165 11/164.62K
MB14-4121314210150871485 7/83  7/165 11/164.8M

Parameter information subject to the contract, here for your reference only.

1.High capacity - actual capacity can reach 105%~120% of rated capacity.

2.Good starting performance - using cast welding and through-wall welding technology, low internal resistance of the battery, high CCA value, excellent starting performance.

3.Long service life--optimized plate grid alloy and lead paste formula, using AGM spacer tight assembly technology, battery life up to 2 years.

4.The terminals are molded directly into the battery cover, so the terminals are not easily deformed and skewed. And embedded copper nuts, easy to install and use.

5.Using high-strength shell material, the shell is not easy to break.

6.Wide range of temperature adaptation, good resistance to high and low temperatures.

7.High reliability and consistency.

8.Custom designed and developed specifically for automotive auxiliary battery applications.

  • 1. ATV.
  • 2. Jet ski.
  • 3. Motorcycle.
  • 4. Snowmobile.
  • 5.Lawn & Garden.

6. Applied automotive assistance