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PLH+C Series

PLH+C Series

-Excellent Charging Acceptance with High Charging Efficiency,Excellent PSoC Cycle Performance under High and Low Ambient Temperature,Punched continuous grid strip

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Specification Features Application Curves
ModelRated  Voltage
V1.8 V /cell

PLH+C 40FT1238298.711.76973.821847.241847.2412.527.56T6-A(M8)
PLH+C 100FT12100405.415.961084.2528711.328711.330.867.9T11(M8)
PLH+C 10012100341.513.441756.892138.392158.4631.268.78T11(M8)
PLH+C 170FT1217055922.011254.9232012.632012.654.2119.49T11(M8)
PLH+C 190FT1219055922.011254.9232012.632012.657.6126.98T11(M8)
PLH+C 210FT1221055922.011254.9232812.9132812.9160.5133.38T11(M8)

Parameter information subject to the contract, here for your reference only.

1. 20 years design life(25℃)

2. High energy density

3. Low internal resistance and self-discharge rate

4. Excellent fast charging acceptance: 1 hour to 90% SOC

5. Excellent high rate discharge performance in low temperature

1. Backup Power

2. Telecom base station with unstable mains