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MX PP/High Performance(Factory activated)

MX PP/High Performance(Factory activated)

High Performance AGM VRLA Maintenance Free type--PP case

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Specification Features Application Curves

MX9-4-312812015088.51055 7/83 2/44 1/83.056.7N
MX12-4-3121117015088.51305 7/83  8/165 1/84.008.8N
MX14-3-3121321015088.51455 7/83 2/45 6/84.5510.0N
MX14-4-3121321015088.51455 7/83  8/165 6/84.5510.0N
MX15-3-11214240134891645 2/83 2/46 4/85.3011.7N
MX15-4-11214240134891645 2/83  8/166 4/85.3011.7N
MX16-3-31220370175101.51556 7/84     6 1/87.1515.7N
MX16-4-31220370175101.51556 7/84     6 1/87.1515.7N
MX20-3-31218320176891546 7/83  8/166 1/86.5514.4N
MX20-4-31218320176891546 7/83  8/166 1/86.5514.4N
MX18-3-3122136020591.51628 1/83 2/46 3/87.5016.5N
MX30-3-31230450170132.51756 6/85  3/166 7/89.9021.8N

1.Innovative AGM technology(Absorbent Glass Mat) with high compression separator.

2.Its grid is with special structure design,which makes its continuous cranking time is 10%~20% more than that of batteries with ordinary grid structure.

3.Battery case appearance is frosting and very beautiful ,not easy to be grinded.

4.High charging acceptance for absorbing large surges of electrical energy generated via brake energy recuperation.

5.100% leak-proof and spill-proof to 360°

6.Excellent starting power,so you can rely on the engine starting even at a low state of charge.

7.Longer lifespan.

8.Totally maintenance-free.

  • 1. ATV.
  • 2. Jet ski.
  • 3. Motorcycle.
  • 4. Snowmobile.
  • 5.Lawn & Garden.